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How to use.


Daily use can provide 5-6hours of protection from mosquito bites.

When used to wash clothes, our soap leaves the mosquito repellent component in your clothes hence more protection.

After washing, the water used can be poured in any mosquito breeding areas to inhibits breeding.



For maximum effectiveness, we recommend to avoid using strong scented lotions and perfumes. Use the soap with warm water, and (for non-sensitive skin), you can smear the soap lather on your skin for more protection.

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Good to know.

Uganics is a natural and locally-produced mosquito repellent soap that is produced organically from vegetable and essential oil.​ Our products contain no animal products or palm oil.


Plants have been used as mosquito repellents for thousands of years, and many scientific studies studies demonstrate the acceptance of the natural repellent effects.  The Indian Army relied on application of citronella oil to repel mosquitoes in the 20th century.  And citronella has been used commercially as a mosquito repellant products since the 1940’s.  ​

Our soap repels mosquitoes through both vapor toxicity from the plants and odor receptors. It is a scientifically-proven natural alternative to chemical repellants that may contain hazardous ingredients. ​