Organic Soap

Reducing Malaria

Our Organic Soap Protects You and Subsidizes Protection for Low-income Communities in Uganda


How We Got Here

Soap is an everyday product even extremely poor families in Africa use almost daily. What if we could sell a soap in rural Uganda which is able to prevent mosquito bites at the same price as ordinary soap? We produce an affordable and long-lasting organic mosquito repellent soap that helps mothers with children below the age of five in rural communities to prevent mosquito bite.

By selling our product with a high margin to resorts, lodges and high end hotels for tourists looking for a natural way of preventing mosquitoes and malaria during their trip, we are able to cross finance and subsidize our sales to rural mothers at the same price as ordinary soap. The impact is leveraging an every day consumer product to fight malaria. Tourists enjoy a locally made and organic repellent soap in their bathrooms while rural mothers are able to protect themselves and their children against one of the biggest killers in Uganda.


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Social Innovation Academy, Mayembe Upper, plot 139 Mpigi Town Kampala Uganda


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